"Hoffman Care has done so much for me in my life. They helped me learn about myself. When my feelings went up and down, Hoffman Care helped me. When I got upset and cried or got very mad, Hoffman Care helped me. Hoffman Care gave me a family and gave me love. I have more but it's hard to put it into words. Writing this has helped me express my feelings and love towards Hoffman Care." Donna M - Consumer 

"What Hoffman Care means to me: They help me learn to do my math and reading too. It allows me to be with other people that are like me. They make me happy because I maybe on my own someday, maybe in my own apartment. I love it here because I have people I like a lot, like the aides they make me happy." Kim M - Consumer

"Hoffman Care is very nice people. I love it! I learn everything. I get to learn and do different things." Candace C - Consumer

"Hoffman Care is fun. I learn money, reading, and math. I like to color and play games with friends." Sonya W - Consumer

"I have fun at Hoffman Care. I work on math, reading and playing Wii. I like the staff and I like the others that come here." Mark C - Consumer