Residential Facilities

  • HCA has several licensed residential facilities located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and is always looking to serve more individuals in other counties.
  • Our residential facilities are some of the nicest in Pennsylvania and provide our consumers with a multitude of opportunities to enrich their personal lives and feel like an active participant in their community.
  • HCA staff receive extensive training before beginning work in our residential facilities, as well as 24 hours of additional training each year. They also undergo a criminal background check, physical examination, and tuberculosis testing to ensure they are free of any communicable diseases.


Hoffman Care Associates, Inc. (HCA) is fully licensed and insured to provide numerous ID/D services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves in providing our consumers with the highest quality services to enable them to live more independent lives and become more integrated into their communities. Below are some of the services we currently provide. For more information regarding home and community-based programs, please contact Jason Armold. For more information regarding our residential program, please contact Megan Pabon.